Wordmatch 2.18 published

We are happy to announce that we just released the new Version 2.18 of Wordmatch and Wordmatch-Pro

The new Functions are:

New welcome screen
There is a complete new Welcome screen, which supports landscape and portrait mode.

This is how it looks in Landscape mode:

new wordmatch welcome screen in landscape mode

The welcome screen in portrait mode:

new wordmatch welcome screen in portrait mode

Optional refresh Button
There is now a optional refreshbutton in the gamboard available. If it is switched on in the settings, this button allows you to quickly refresh the game. This is intended to help in case of notification problems.

Better boardlayout for nexus4 and nexus7
The letterboard is bigger scaled for high resolution devices like nexus4 and nexus7. We also increased the size of the buttons.

New gamechannels for minimal playerstrenght
We introduced 2 new Gamechannels:
- Good Players Room for players with a Playerstrenght from 1000 to 1200
Strong Players Room for Players with a Playerstrengh of more than 1200
Best wishes
The Wordmatch Team

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