Wordmatch 2.19 published

There is a new wordmatch client in the playstore!

The new Functions are:

All running Gamerequests in the Overview

you can see now all your running gamerequests in the ‘Play online’ overview. From there you are able to cancel the gamrequest

Running game requests in the overview

Create game request from highscore list

You can now create a gamerequest to a player from the highscore list. The player must not be your friend, he will see your gamerequests in his “Play online” overview. A player can disallow gamerquests from “none friends” in the settings.
To create a gamerequest from the highscore list, just tab on the entry in the highscore list and select  ”Challenge player”

Replaced C2DM push with GCM push

Google depricated the C2DM push library, the new Push, which is supported by google is now named GCM. Wordmatch uses now this as well.
More Details:


Replaced Adwords by Leadbolt

Wordmatch uses now the advertisement plattform Leadbolt. There will be new ads shown in the banners and we introduced a new fullscreen add, which will be shown once every hour.

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