Wordmatch 2.20 published

Again a new wordmatch client is in the android play market.

Word explains on the Gameboard

If there is a explaination for a particular word available, this gets now indicated by a little info symbol:

available explains on the gameboard

available explains on the gameboard

After selecting a info symbol a popup will explain the word (in this case this is a german word):

We are continuously expanding our explaination dictionary.

Added Change Password function

In the Settings screen there is a option “change password” where you can change your password. This helps players which plan to migrate to the pro version and have forgot their password.

New Tropies

We added 2 new Tropies

- Good player : Players with a playerstrenght > 1000 gain this achievement
- Social player : Players who invite a friend by email gain this achievement

Changed Sorting in Gamesoverview

The running gamerequests are now orderes after the running games. This makes it easier to see the current running games after opening the games overview.


Have Phun!


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